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» » » [Windows] 【破解版】Alien Skin Exposure Software Photo Bundle 2020 for Photoshop & Lightroom(含:激活补丁)

[Windows] 【破解版】Alien Skin Exposure Software Photo Bundle 2020 for Photoshop & Lightroom(含:激活补丁)

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Exposure Software Photo Bundle 2020 for Photoshop & Lightroom (06.2020) Win
  Exposure Software(以前是Alien Skin Software)集合是Adobe Photoshop,Elements和Lightroom的插件和图形滤镜的集合,这对初学者和专业设计师都将非常有用。有了它们,您可以轻松有效地处理或装饰图像,并通过添加各种效果来更改照片。包装包括:曝光X3套装,Eye Candy 7,曝光X3,炸毁3,快照4。

  Exposure X Bundle是照片编辑器和组织器,将所有Alien Skin的插件结合在一起,可以在一个产品中编辑照片。该套件的基础是Exposure X,它是一种照片编辑应用程序,可简化工作流程并提供各种创意工具。此外,该工具包还包括两个附加的应用程序,用于扩展创意可能性:“爆炸3”(旨在增加图像的大小并最大程度地保持其质量)和“快照4”(Snap Art 4),可将您的照片变成精美的手工绘画。

Exposure X5
Exposure X2 is an advanced RAW photo editor and organizer that improves every step in your editing workflow. Use it to quickly organize your images, nondestructively edit your photos, and apply gorgeous looks and special effects.

Exposure X Bundle
The Exposure X Bundle is a photo editor and organizer that integrates all of Alien Skin’s award-winning photo editing apps into a single product.. The centerpiece of the bundle is Exposure X, the editing app that streamlines your workflow and provides a rich set of creative tools. Two additional apps expand the creative possibilities: Blow Up 3 enlarges your photos into large prints with the sharpest resizing technology available, and Snap Art 4 transforms your photos into gorgeous, handcrafted paintings.

Snap Art
Expand your palette of creative tools with Snap Art. Transforming your photographs into beautiful works of art has never been easier than with Snap Art 4. By analyzing the visual elements and techniques of artists through the centuries, we have designed Snap Art to produce images that look they were made by a human, not a computer.

Blow Up
Sharp Enlargements at Any Size. Blow Up keeps photos crystal clear during enlargement. Especially in large prints hung on a wall, the difference between Blow Up and Photoshop is astounding. Version 3 makes pictures even sharper without computer artifacts.

What's Included:
• Exposure X5 Bundle
• Exposure X5
• Snap Art 4.1.3
• Blow Up
• Eye Candy 7.2.3

Host Requirements:
- Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 or newer
- Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or newer

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