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公司信息图表包-Videohive - Corporate Infographics Charts Pack - 28408670

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Videohive - Corporate Infographics Charts Pack - 28408670
Premiere Pro CC | 1920x1080 | No Plugins Required | 412MB

Premiere Pro信息图表包可用于创建时尚的业务演示,年度报告,教育视频,启动演示,以激励您的投资者,合作伙伴,人员或学生。

我们使用了乐观多汁的颜色:蓝色,绿色,橙色,粉红色,红色,紫色,白色和黄色。 使用几何图形突出显示您的品牌特征:更多的线条,圆形,三角形或正方形。

选择干净的白色背景或更像工业的背景–浅灰色的背景看起来像是隔音的网格墙。 您还可以选择采用时尚的反重力效果制作的飞行装饰品:彩色圆点和十字架或魔术白球。
The bundle includes:

90 compositions: choose any and combine the slides and the elements as you need
61 glossy icons including social media
Bar graphs
Vertical and horizontal bars
Smooth line charts
Pie charts
Product Features
Project features

color control: use your brand colors
smart chart creator: you just put in the numbers, and easily get the charts animated
modular structure: add, remove or rearrange the shots
Full HD resolution
compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2020 and above
noplugins required
PDF-help file included
Music: Future Science Technology Hi-tech Glitch

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