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» » » 10组 SANDFIELD LUTs调色预设-Daniel Schiffer - Vintage Look LUTs (Win/Mac)

10组 SANDFIELD LUTs调色预设-Daniel Schiffer - Vintage Look LUTs (Win/Mac)

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Daniel Schiffer - SANDFIELD LUTs (Win/Mac)

The SANDFIELD LUT was originally created for the sequence featured in my YouTube tutorial titled, Too many videographers neglect this… this sequence took place from 0:36 - 1:14 in the video (shot in Port Sandfield, hence where the name is from).


Included in this pack are 2 folders, SANDFIELD-LOG and SANDFIELD-STANDARD.

Each folder contains the same 5 LUTs; however one folder contains LUTs that are optimized for LOG footage, while the other folder contains the same LUTs optimized for non-LOG footage.

You will get the best results with the SANDFIELD-LOG LUTs if your footage is shot in a LOG picture profile (e.g. Sony’s SLog2). The SANDFIELD-STANDARD LUTs will provide the best results if your footage is shot in a relatively flat picture profile - but not as flat as LOG (e.g. Sony’s Cine4). 

The 5 LUTs included in the pack are as follows:

SANDFIELD - the original “Teal & Orange” style color grade as seen in my YouTube tutorial as referred to above.

SANDFIELD-GREENS - deeper greens, slightly less orange.

SANDFIELD-ORANGE - stronger orange tones, with a slightly more reddish tint.

SANDFIELD-MILD - slightly less intense, desaturated version of the original look.

SANDFIELD-MOODY - similar to SANDFIELD-MILD, with some added contrast and more of a moody cinematic feel.

If you are unsure how to install LUTs into your video editing software, a simple YouTube search will solve all your problems.

I hope you enjoy the SANDFIELD LUT pack.

Thank you for your continued support.

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